Like many people, I have data in a lot of different cloud locations and often have more than one account in each. The distribution of data is increasingly hard to manage.  I’ve used tools like Zapier to effectively copy single records from place to place.

It works reasonably well but fails to address larger issues like backing up my entire Evernote account for safe keeping.  In fact with data in so many places, the ability extract and synchronize between sources is ever more important.

Here are the primary cloud repositories I use:

  • Google Apps (gmail, drive) – both, with multiple business and personal accounts
  • Egnyte – Business
  • Dropbox – Personal, Multiple Accounts
  • Basecamp – Business
  • Jira – Business
  • Adobe (Echo)Sign – Business
  • Box – Both, Multiple Accounts
  • Amazon Cloud Drive – last year was unlimited storage!
  • Evernote – both
  • Amazon Glacier – long term storage

Yesterday’s most recent need was to extract attachments from emails.  I have configured Echosign to save a copy of each signed contract in a Box directory and to a gmail account that is used solely for this purpose.  I discovered that the Box upload failed silently (I blame Box) and I am missing several hundred contracts out of 7,000.  Needle in a haystack.

Rather than use the Echosign – Box integration (which failed) I want to (and now need) a way to download the attachments from 7,000 emails that contain signed contracts.

Fortunately, I found that CloudHD offers a robust feature set that will enable this and provide fine grain controls for how.

With CloudHD I was able download a PDF for each email that included the mail message as well as the PDF of the signed contract attached to the email.  It has run all night (I think the free account is throttled) but works well.  It has nice fine grain controls for things like prepending the filename with an ISO date stamp.  This makes managing 7,000 attachments much more viable.

It is early days with CloudHQ but it appears to be an excellent and affordable solution.